Applied Physics Researches Division (APRD)

Radiation Biophysics Group (240/1) Projects

Posted on Nov 27, 2015

  1. International Science Foundation (Soros), Grant No. RYV000, 1994/95; the theme: “Electrostatic effects on enzymatic reactions”.
  2. NATO Linkage Grant LG 94/411, 1995/96 (jointly with … ,w/o labour cost).
  3. NATO Network Grant 94/412, 1995/96 (w/o labour cost).
  4. American University of Armenia Grant (w/o number), 1996/97; the theme: “Investigation on the concentra­tion levels of heavy metals in soil, and vegetation”.
  5. Joint CRDF/ NFSAT grant AB??/ABT-??_98, 1998/2000; the theme: “Development of mocrofabricated fluoride sensitive films for biosensor”.
  6. Joint CRDF/ NFSAT grant AB1-978/ABT-029_98, 1998/2000; the theme: “Aerobic Bacteria as a Biodegra­dative Factor in Environment Decontamination”.
  7. ANSEF grant NS-33-00, 2001, the theme: “Capabilities of several aerobic strains to transform 2,4,6-TNT”.
  8. ISTC Project A-773, 2002-2005, the theme: “Net Effect of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant on Environment and Population in the Background of Global Radioactive Fallouts”.
  9. Тематический грант Госкомитета по науке 2008 г по теме: Project of Sci. St. Committee of RA No_467-191, 2008-2010, the theme:  “Investigation of microbiological degradation of some toxic compounds used in agriculture and other areas”.
  10. ANSEF grant NS-33-00, 2015, the theme: “The Synthesis and Investigation of Antibacterial Properties of the New Schiff base Derivatives of Chitosan”.

За тот же период в различные фонды (CRDF, NFSAT, ANSEF, ISTC, INTAS) был направлен ряд проектов, которые, к сожалению, не были финансирования. Из них наиболее значительными являлись проекты, направленные:

  • В ISTC “The Investigation of Some Aerobic Bacteria’s capability to Transform Number of Widely Used Toxic Compounds” submitted to ISTC and approved w/o financing, No A-724 (foreign collaborator: Ronald L. Crawford, Environmental Biotechnology Institute of the University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, USA,; project manager: G. Khachatryan; 2001).
  • В INTAS “Bioavailability Issues in the Remediation of Metal Polluted Sites” (Team Coordinator – Bernd Nowack, ETA, Switzerland, current address:; Head of the Team-participant: G. Khachatryan 2003).
  • В INTAS “Metabolism and bioenergetics of bacterial EDTA degradation” (Team Coordinator – Bernd Nowack, ETA, Switzerland, current address:; Head of the Team-participant: G. Khachatryan 2005).
  • Тематический грант Госкомитета по науке на 2014 г., на тему: “Реакция клеточных популяций на облучение их протонами с энергией до 18 МэВ”.