Applied Physics Researches Division (APRD)

Solid State Radiation Physics (240/3) Group Projects

Posted on Nov 27, 2015

International  grants

5 ISTC projects were implemented in Solid State Radiation Physics Laboratory:
  1. ISTC A-485(1999-2003)
  2. INCO Copernicus(1999-2003)
  3. ISTC А-1229 (2006-2009)

“Simulating Space Conditions and their Effect on Materials and Devices Intended for Application in Space” 2007-2010. Total amount of $299,200.00. Manager Yritsyan G. N, Dr of Phys.-math. sciences.

  1. ISTC А-1605 (2009-2011)

“Development of Highly Effective Filtering Systems on the Basis of a Super-Thin Basalt Fiber for Radioactive Aerosols Purification and Creation of a Work Cycle for Filters Manufacturing with the Purpose of Their Operation at the Nuclear Power Plants”. Manager: Harutyunyan V.V., Dr of Phys.-math. sciences. In framework of this project local patent has been achieved: “Patent No АМ 20110016 “Method for obtaining of a sorbent for cleaning gases and radioactive aerosols”, 2011.  Harutyunyan V.V., Hakobyan N.A , Gavalyan V. B., Atoyan, V.A., Pyuskulyan K.I.”.

  1. ISTC A-2133p (2015-2017) Sub-manager V.V. Harutyunyan

Also other projects (ISTC A-102.2, ISTC A-852, ISTC A-1368 , ISTC A-1900 etc. ) has been implemented by the groups members. For more detailed information on ISTC projects visit

International cooperation

 Complex research of radiation-optical properties of wide-band- gap crystals and natural Armenian zeolites has been carried out. The work was conducted together with a number of the research centers, in particular, those where synchrotron radiation is used.

Among the Centers there are:
  1. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Physics Department, Chair of Optics and Luminescence. Head of the program: Prof. Mikhajlin V.V.
  1. Lebedev Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia, Laboratory of high energy physics. Head of the program: Dr of phys.-math. sciences Makhov V.N.
  1. University of Tartu, Physics Institute, Estonia, Laboratory of oxide crystals. Head of the program: Prof. Kirm Marco.
  1. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Head of the program: Prof. Kekelidze N.P.
  1. Department of Biology and Chemistry, University of Hong Kong, P.R.China. Head of the program: Prof. Peter A.Tanner.
  1. Laboratory HASYLAB, DESY synchrotron, Hamburg, Germany. Head of the program: Prof. George Zimmerer
  1. Physics institute, Syria. Department of theoretical physics. Head of the program: Prof. S. Sulejman.
  1. Istituto per lo Studio dei Materiali Nanostrutturati Diparartimento di Chimica Roma. Head of the program: E. Kekheyan.
  2. Technical University of Crete. Head of the program: Prof. J. Cristidas