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Vacuum Technology and Welding Group (240/4) Employees

Posted on Nov 27, 2015

Vacuum Technology and Welding Group (240/4) Employees






Vardan Avagyan


Date of Birth 13-09-1955, Altai Republic  Russian Federation

Address:         Yerevan, Halabyan 22A/29

Tel.:                 35 47 46 (home), 62-98-06 (office), 091 425073 (mob.)


Citizenship:     RA




Education and training

1980-Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Yerevan Engineering University, Yerevan, Armenia,

1982 – Graduated from Special Faculty of Moscow Tsiolkovsky Avia-Technological Institute, Moscow, Russia,

1986-1990 – Post-graduate student at Institute of Electrowelding after E. O. Paton, Kiev, Ukraine.

Scientific Degree, scientific title, titles

Ph.D. 1994

Doctor of Sciences- 2010

Professional fields

Metal technology and welding, vacuum technology, cryogenic technology, accelerator technology

Work Experience

1975- Laboratory Assistant, Low Temperature Laboratory, Yerevan Physics Institute (YerPhI), Yerevan, Armenia,

1982 – Developed cryogenic techniques at YerPhI,

1984 – Group leader, Accelerator division, YerPhI. Main subject of investigations: vacuum technology and vacuum welding,

1987 – Group leader of “Vacuum welding of accelerator technology”

2000 – Guest scientist at DESY, Hamburg, Germany.

The development of the vacuum brazing technology for titan-niobium connections in TESLA super-conducting cavities.

2000-2001- Design study of 3 GeV third generation intermediate energy light source CANDLE in Armenia. Leading engineer.

2001- Deputy Director, Leading Scientist – Coordinator of Vacuum System group, Center for the Advancement of Natural Discoveries using Light Emission (CANDLE), Yerevan, Armenia.

2005- Lecturer, Chair of construction structures, Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction

1999-President of LLC “Welding Institute”

Participation at draft, scientific-research and other treating activities

1994-1998 – Collaborations YerPhI-CERN (Switzerland) and YerPhI

-CEBAF (USA). Development of the diffusion welding technology for the construction of the mu-metal magnetic shield.

– Collaboration YerPhI-DESY (Germany). Development of the diffusion welding technology of the copper-aluminum connection for the special power supply components.

– TESLA project, DESY (Germany). Research and development of the diffusion welding technology for Connection of the titanium and stainless steel tubes.

Published works

Author of 62 publications and 8 patents.


Armenian, Russian, English

Computer skills

MS Word, Excel