Applied Physics Researches Division (APRD)

Introduction Rates of Radiation Defects in Electron Irradiated Semiconductor Crystals of n-Si and n-GaP

Posted on Feb 5, 2020

Abstract: We take the concentration of radiation defects concentration Ndef to be the difference between the carrier concentration of semiconductors before n0 and after irradiation n(D) at the dose D, delivered at room temperature.  By application of an appropriate fitting function to the dose dependent curves of the Ndef (D), it was demonstrated that the empiric exponential law of the form Ndef=n0(1-exp(-D/D0)) gives the best agreement with the experimental data, irrespective of the electron energy and irradiation dose. The results showed that the formation of radiation defects in the samples studied is not a linear process and ΔNdef/ΔD  are found to decrease exponentially with increasing irradiation dose, according to their particular character.

Speaker:  Vika Arzumanyan